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Ghost Pepper vs. Carolina Reaper

The Carolina Reaper is the world’s hottest pepper, measuring at 1.5 million Scoville heat units. It was created by Ed Currie in the United States in 2013 to be the world’s hottest pepper.

The hottest pepper in the world is a hot pepper that has been named after the ghost pepper. It has a Scoville heat rating of 1,041,300 and it was created by Ed Currie.

We have several ghost pepper and Carolina Reaper plants in our garden every year. Although some people may mistake these two peppers for one another, they are really very distinct. Over many seasons, we’ve had the pleasure of producing and enjoying both of these kinds.

If you’re just concerned with heat, the Reaper is much hotter, up to twice as hot. However, there are other factors to consider, such as taste, form, plant size, and production. I’ll discuss the similarities and distinctions between the ghost pepper and the Carolina Reaper pepper in this post.

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The ghost pepper (bhut jolokia), which hails from Northeast India, is one of our favorites. It’s believed to be the result of a spontaneous hybrid between Capsicum chinense and Capsicum frutescens.

Ed Currie, the creator of The Puckerbutt Pepper Company, developed the Carolina Reaper. This one-of-a-kind pepper was created by combining a Pakistani Naga pepper with a Caribbean habanero named La Soufrière.

Ghost Pepper vs. Carolina Reaper on plantGhost peppers and Carolina Reaper peppers are two types of chili peppers.

Let’s get one thing straight: these peppers are both very spicy! Before the Carolina Reaper took over as the new Guinness record holder, the ghost pepper was the hottest pepper on the planet.

The ghost pepper, with its 1 million SHUs, will send most people straight to the milk. Let’s compare that to a jalapeño pepper’s meager 5,000 SHUs! However, since they are bigger than reapers, eating a whole pepper would be very spicy in any case.

In contrast, how hot is the Carolina Reaper? Approximately twice as much. The Carolina Reaper is reported to have a Scoville rating of nearly 2 million, making it twice as hot as the ghost pepper.

Both of these peppers have a lot of heat in them. It’s no surprise that they’re the main component in so many scorching spicy sauces.

One of our favorite peppers to cultivate and cook with is the ghost pepper. This is because to the strong heat and wonderful, fruity taste. The ghost pepper goes well with a variety of fruits and spices, making it an excellent choice for creating spicy sauce.

All of the ghost pepper types we produce have a sweet, floral-fruity taste that we like. We find it to be a little more ‘useful’ pepper in the kitchen since the heat is a little more bearable (but still very intense). Even so, appropriate nitrile gloves must be used while slicing!

If you’ve ever eaten a raw Carolina Reaper slice, you may have detected a sweet flavor before the searing heat hit you. This isn’t a pepper to play with; it’s deadly! The majority of the hot sauces we have prepared using Carolina Reaper peppers are too spicy for us to consume on a daily basis.

If you’re searching for a decent Carolina Reaper sauce, though, go no farther than the pepper’s inventor. After testing a variety of spicy sauces, we discovered that PuckerButt produces some of the finest Carolina Reaper sauces available.


It’s easy to distinguish between these two peppers. When seen side by side, the variations in look are readily discernible.

The Carolina Reaper has a crimson, bumpy appearance and a venomous-looking “stinger” or “tail” at the end of its body. The Reaper has been bred into several distinct variants since its debut in the early 2010s.

The purple reaper is one of the most extraordinary plants we’ve ever produced. The plant reached a height of almost 5 feet and produced much more than the original Carolina Reaper.

Purple Reaper Peppers with FoliagePlant and purple reapers

The ghost pepper has a rough texture and a more typical pepper look. Long and thin, with a slightly pointed end, the pods are common.

Ghost peppers have been bred into a variety of hues and forms since they were the first superhot pepper. Some ghost peppers have softer skin, while others have a rough, nasty texture. The ghost pepper is one of our favorite plants to cultivate!

The “Ghostly Jalapeño” is the product of a hybrid between a ghost pepper and a jalapeno.

If you can’t pick which pepper to plant, we strongly advise you to grow both. Ghost pepper plants, in our experience, are considerably bigger and more productive than Reapers. It’s more difficult to grow Carolina Reaper plants, and we typically finish up with fewer fruit by weight. Seeing the Carolina Reaper pods arrive, on the other hand, is extremely gratifying!

Ghost Pepper vs. Carolina Reaper Ripening

Here on, we have a complete guide on growing ghost peppers. Check out our article on where to purchase Carolina Reapers as well.

You may purchase the plants directly on Etsy if you don’t want to grow one of these types from seed.

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This article should have clarified some of the distinctions between the ghost pepper and the Carolina Reaper. We hope you’ll integrate them both into your garden and send us pictures!



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The carolina reaper death count is a competition between the ghost pepper and the Carolina Reaper. They are both hot peppers, but they have different levels of spiciness.

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