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I’m so excited because it’s quite possible that my foodie adventures could expand to NYC every other month because of work. I’ll admit, I’m cumming a little in my pants because NYC is a fantastic place to explore my gastronomical facinations.

On my most recent 48 hour stay, I managed to fit in 7 places! Lucky for me, I still have a handful of friends that live in NYC so I’m not a complete loner when I go. Not to mention, they are all crazy about food too.

Landing at 6 in the evening, soon enough I made my way over to Gyu Kaku for Japanese/Korean bbq (take note Chicagoans because a location has opened up downtown!).  I’ve eaten a lot of Korean bbq, but never Japanese/Korean.  Not even sure what makes it a fusion of the two – maybe the presence of Ponzu and Wasabi on a few dishes qualifies it. Either way, I was drooling as soon as I smelled grilled meat wafting through the steep stairways leading up to the restaurant.

I was surprised, for a “really yummy” restaurant in Manhattan, the restaurant was not nearly full.  However, it was a Sunday night and my friends explained that New Yorker’s tend to hibernate at home in preparation for the daunting NY-style rush-of -a- Monday morning.

Let’s take a look at Sunday night’s feast – there are a couple of items on the menu that I love!

Ok, so now that I’m looking at my pictures, I kinda/sorta see where the “Japanese” is coming into the picture.

Here’s the Hot Oil Seared Salmon in Citrus Sauce. Very nice and clean. The citrus sauce (which I suspect is just lemon juice and Ponzu, good none-the-less) does a nice job of cutting the fat from the salmon filet

Ok, on to the non-healthy, delicious – goodness!

Just drool ok? unless you’re vegetarian of course.

Gyu-Tan (Beef Tong)   If French kissing a cow isn’t the definition of a food whore, I don’t know what is.  If you’ve NEVER had beef tongue, you’re totally missing out. The texture is firm yet soft – kinda like when you’re playing tonsil hockey with, well, a cow.  I love beef tongue – it’s definitely one of those “primal” cuts of meat the people don’t speak enough of.

This is pork jowl.  Never heard of it? take notes because it’s the next best thing. Think of it as the “turkey neck” part of the pig. It’s seriously good stuff. Ever had a really thick slice of bacon, grilled? this is kind of like that, but it’s more melt in your mouth. I can’t believe more restaurants don’t sell this cut. I’ve never seen it in a supermarket either, now that I think about it. Looks like I’m going to have to do a search for it..


No Korean BBQ is complete without Kalbi – this is the Kalbi Chuck – really nice cut of meat! Typically chuck is used in good quality burgers (because of the fat). Here, it’s sliced relatively thin for quick searing on the grill – tender and juicy! (hear my stomach growling yet?)

We ate tons of other good stuff but I thought I’d just make mention of the items that made my belly dance.

Best part of all of this? Dinner was $45 including tax/tip a person – between the four of us – and that INCLUDED two pitchers of Kirin beer.  I could be convinced to come back!

FOOD WHORE APPROVED! now go check out the location in Chicago!


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805 3rd Ave
2nd Fl
(between 49th St & 50th St)
New York, NY 10022
Neighborhood: Midtown East

(212) 702-8816


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